Bleecker Street, Summer

Summer for prose and lemons, for nakedness and languor,
for the eternal idleness of the imagined return,
for rare flutes and bare feet, and the August bedroom
of tangled sheets and the Sunday salt, ah violin!

When I press summer dusks together, it is
a month of street accordions and sprinklers
laying the dust, small shadows running from me.

It is music opening and closing, Italia mia, on Bleecker,
ciao, Antonio, and the water-cries of children
tearing the rose-coloured sky in streams of paper;
it is dusk in the nostrils and the smell of water
down littered streets that lead you to no water,
and gathering islands and lemons in the mind.

There is the Hudson, like the sea aflame.
I would undress you in the summer heat,
and laugh and dry your damp flesh if you came.

—Derek Walcott

imageShut up. I can’t wait to see this with Maggie.

Many thanks to chazbo3071fun for providing the most elucidating of comments about this delightfully bewildering rendition. No love for the haters hating on Mary Arnold’s dress.

"Biological Speculation" by Funkadelic from America Eats Its Young

Afternoon Delight has a good soundtrack y’all

Bernice - “Reve General” from What Was That

Heads up there’s a little bit of extra audio from the next track at the end. 


Subcultures Anthology Preview (Doll Week): Maggie Glass!

Yes Maggie!!!


Subcultures Anthology Preview (Doll Week): Maggie Glass!

Yes Maggie!!!


Open at your own speed, but open.
Dig what’s happening to you.
By “dig” I mean get into it. There are lessons for you there. And when it gets uncomfortable, that’s an important time to open and dig. There’s treasure in them thar hills.

-Jeff Bridges responding to a request for “wisdom” during a Reddit AMA

imageShhh. Everybody just shut up. I have some news about Shruti.

imageWhat is it? I don’t have all day.

imageI pray that the news reveals Shruti’s unwavering faith in my sixpack.

imageI just hope the news is something about…wait what was I saying?

imageI may only be revealing half of my shoulder but I hope to get the full report about Shruti.

imageTell us the news please. This paperclip necklace isn’t going to swing itself suggestively over my head.

Hey what are you guys talking about? I just got back from reffing the Brazil - Colombia quarterfinal.

 You guys are so impatient! It’s time to reveal the news that…

imageIt’s Shruti’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But again, everybody be cool.